To be admitted to the MSc in Economics, candidates should possess:

  • skills and competencies in mathematics and statistics;
  • notions of micro and macroeconomics at an intermediate level;
  • basic skills in econometrics;
  • a certified English skill of level B2.

Normally, students admitted hold a three-year degree (B.A.) in economics, or a in business with strong quantitative competencies. Students with a B.A. in other social sciences can be admitted if they show to possess good competencies in economics.

Students with a strong background in mathematics and statistics may be admitted even if they have no previous training in economics.

Candidates can be admitted on the basis of their GRE score in the quantitative section (a score equal or higher than 760, though not strictly required, is recommended).

There are differences in the procedure to be followed by candidates holding an Italian degree ("Laurea triennale") and candidates holding a degree from a non-Italian university (defined "international students").