Double degrees

The development of the Double Degree Programmes is an important part of internationalization of higher education institutions and represents the next generation of exchange programme.

The programmes offer students the possibility to spend the first year at the University of Siena, acquiring core knowledge and skills, and to specialize in their field of interest while attending the second year at one of the foreign host institutions. So, the programmes require the attendance of a whole academic year abroad and an overall involvement of two years. Although we follow the common use of calling them Double Degrees, these are in fact "two degree" programmes: provided that all course requirements have been met, at the end of the second year students will receive a Master degree both by the University of Siena and by two partner institutions.

By participating to this kind of exchange programmes, students will develop diversity of thought and an internationally oriented mindset. These programmes represent an outstanding opportunity for students seeking not only academic knowledge, but also intercultural experience, and for those who want to challenge themselves academically. Moreover, by providing students with highly transferable skills which are found attractive by a wide range of employers in both the public and private sector, they considerably broadens the options and professional horizons available as graduates.


University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) - Master in Economics

The University of Ljubljana is the oldest and largest university in Slovenia, and it is the central institution of higher education in its country. It is renowned for its quality social and natural sciences and technical study programmes. It has more than 40.000 undergraduate and postgraduate students and employs approximately 5.600 higher education teachers, researchers, assistants and administrative staff in 23 faculties and three arts academies.



Phillips-Universität Marburg (Germany) - Master in Economics and Institutions

Phillips-Universität was founded in 1527 by Landgrave Philipp as the first Protestant university in the world. It started with four subjects: Theology, Law, Medicine and Philosophy. Today it has 16 departments that offer courses ranging from the natural sciences to liberal arts. It unites groundbreaking research with an attractive academic offering, in the setting of the medieval historical center of Marburg, one of the most charming and best-preserved cities of Hessen.

GENERAL INFORMATION- Philipps-Universität Marburg (D)

On average, two students are selected every year to join each exchange programme. The call for applications is usually published in February, and selections take place every year in March.Prerequisite is being enrolled in the first year of the Laurea Magistrale in Economics at the University of Siena.


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